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Communication & Team Building

…Strengthening interpersonal communication skills, business relationships and personal effectiveness

Successful businesses, today, are realizing the positive impact on the bottom line when a solid interpersonal communication, framework or foundation is part of their overall business strategy.

Developing an effective workplace communication culture is a process that is best initiated at the top of an organization, (see leadership coaching) demonstrating company buy in, then involving all levels of employees; or, can be introduced at any level of a business or organization.

Understanding personal behavioural styles and workplace motivators, recognizing, appreciating others’ styles/motivators and the emotions that go with them and learning how to adapt and blend for improved communication and reduced conflict is critical in today’s fast paced workplaces

.…There is little time for putting out ‘people fires’!

Create a dynamic, productive workplace:

  • Engaged, energized employees who are more personally accountable
  • Improved decision making at all levels of the organization
  • Improved Employee – Manager working relationships
  • Increased team performance
  • Reduced number of grievances, sick days
  • Reduced conflict

Cec Hanec & Associates Inc .meets with businesses to assess and develop customized measurable approaches that best meet each business’s unique needs and ensure long lasting results.

Clusters of employees participate as departments and/or cross teams in sessions (varying in time, focus) where they will benefit from gaining new insights into their personal communication styles and workplace motivators, enhancing their conflict resolution skills and recognizing the value they bring to their team.

Participants will:

  • Understand their personal behavioural style and others in solving problems, influencing people, coping with pace and change, and handling rules and procedures set by others (See sample DISC Management-Staff Report PDF)
  • Understand what motivates themselves and others, why they make the decisions they do (See sample Driving Forces Report PDF)
  • Gain clarity on other people’s viewpoints…by seeing the world through the other person’s eyes or filters
  • Recognize,appreciate and most importantly, how to adapt to others, internally and externally
  • Receive two Team Wheels and Communication Matrix of all participants highlighting behaviour and motivation styles and key communication insights for ongoing successful business relationships
  • Increase understanding of the uniqueness and value that each person brings to the team and how to keep out of the ‘lobster pot’…Confronting Without Being Combative
  • Participate in challenging group problem solving activities
  • Strengthen listening skills and awareness of the power of body language
  • Learn how to gain commitment and cooperation through win-win relationships

What Participants Are Saying:

  • “It was valuable being able to identify specific behavioural patterns and how this influences management style.” – Plant manager, Winpak Ltd.
  • “Great! A high value tool for self evaluation and for company and customer relations.”
    – Sales Representative, Mariner Neptune Fisheries
  • “Gaining an understanding of others as well as myself within the team.” Manager, Canadian Wheat Board
  • “Learning about the way my team members and myself handle situations differently”  – Web Designer, Red River College
  • “We would all like to extend our gratitude for the amazing day we shared with you last weekend. We have not stopped speaking about the positive experience and how it has impacted us as a team. It was all and more than what we expected!” – Executive Director, Day Care Centre (See sample Talent Insights Team Report PDF)
  • “How to read people’s style and how to work better with them.”
    – Staff, Canada Manitoba Business Service Centre
  • “By knowing the motivators of your co-workers you can understand or see the way they act or react in a certain way.” – Manager, Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation (See Talent Insights Engagement Report PDF)