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Strategic Planning & Facilitation

Action oriented, interactive processes and an energizing style are utilized in such a way that participants attain results, surpass expectations, are fully engaged, enjoy the experience and gel as a team and /or organization. All strategic planning and facilitation activities are developed in concert with the client to ensure attainment of success factors.

Facilitation Activities:

  • Strategic planning
  • Specific organizational issues
  • Brainstorming
  • Experiential team building sessions ( )
  • Meetings
  • Focus groups: Internal or External

Strategic Planning Process can involve any or all of the following depending on the focus/success factors:

Preplanning Phase

  • Initial discussion on outcomes desired
  • Follow up discussion to customize language, activities and flow unique to the organization
  • Preplanning letter developed to encourage pre thinking activities by participants and describe details for the planning session(s)

Delivery Phase

  • Strategic planning
  • Next Steps for successful implementation

Compilation of Results

Follow up Phase:

  • Sharing of draft document with participants for final input and review
  • 1 – 3 hour follow up session to finalize strategic action planning document
  • 6 month check-in
  • Annual review, development and implementation of new strategic plan to ensure continuous improvement and momentum
  • Annual planning focused on specific organizational issues

I first met Cec Hanec in my volunteer role as Co-Chair of the 1999 Pan American Games Athletes’ Village Committee. Cec brought her professionalism to bear in helping direct our committee as to its role and in developing our vision and mission statement. The value of doing this work at the outset of our meetings proved to be invaluable as the organizing unfolded. Our success had a lot to do with her professional skills and with her contagious team spirit.
Jim Baker, President & CEO, Manitoba Hotel Association

  • Cec’s thoughtful input, collaborative approach and consensus-building abilities are attributes we look for in a leader. Her enthusiasm and passion is vitally important for the growth and prosperity of Winnipeg’s business community.
    David Angus, President and CEO Chamber Of Commerce
  • “Thank you for facilitating the session this morning; I think that it went very well and I look forward to bringing closure to the pieces (mission and goal statement, and code of conduct). It was great working with you and I look forward to further collaboration.”
    Atlanta Sloane-Seale, Associate Professor Extended Education University of Manitoba
  • I just wanted to thank you for leading the board and staff through a huge amount of work last Saturday. By all accounts everyone is feeling good about where we got to. We are looking forward to seeing it all in print. Thanks again.
    Sherri McConnell – FGWRC
  • Cec, I have a great deal of respect for you as a person and as the leader of this group. You have always done an amazing job of ensuring we know our roles and responsibilities, keeping us accountable, and allowing us to have a good time planning this successful event. I look forward to continuing to work with you on projects in the future. Tracey Bremner, B.A., CHRP – Manitoba Lotteries Corporation
  • “You did such a fantastic job in the strategic planning for the hotel association. “The results we got from it are fantastic and guide our every move.”
    Marina Kulbaba, MB Hotel Association
  • Always energizing and motivating to work with Cec Hanec. I enjoyed mixing groups. Cec Hanec is such a motivator and so good at steering everyone in the right direction. Grueling work but very productive Cec is such a great motivator. Amazing how we get so much accomplished in such a short time. Great review process. Lots of hard work by participants. Excellent process and leadership. Cec is a good leader. Always keeps us on track – sets up things so everyone’s ideas are heard. Exceptional MB Breast Cancer Centre Network Group Participants
  • I appreciate your positive comments!  We certainly enjoyed the energy and positive outlook on everything.  I look forward to receiving the results of the day. Thanks once again.
    Cheryl, South Interlake Credit Union
  • “I think the meeting was the best one we have had yet – bar none! You are a great facilitator. The process works and works very well.”
    Cherie. Lasko, Westco Multi Temp Distribution Centres
  • It was wonderful to be able to contribute to the company, I felt like I had an impact and I am sure everyone else did as well. It’s exciting! I felt more comfortable, and wasn’t afraid to voice my thoughts and opinions. You felt very involved. Cec – very impressed with her.”
    Westco participant