Cec Hanec & Associates Inc., through creative, customized solutions for the ‘people side’ of business, delivers leadership coaching and performance enhancement services for companies, organizations and individuals wanting to improve their hiring, retention and performance management practices.

The company is an acknowledged leader in innovative solutions and processes that energize andinspire businesses, organizations and individuals to be productive and successful.

Cec Hanec & Associates Inc. delivers performance enhancement solutions through its principal, Cec Hanec, who is highly seasoned and competent in numerous specialties: 

Leadership Coach
Personal Business Coach
Change Catalyst

Resources, not customarily available in a market place the size of Winnipeg, are offered by Cec Hanec & Associates Inc., creating a unique ‘value-added’ for clients through alignment with one of the world’s most respected and validated performance assessment leaders, Target Training Performance Systems International, Ltd.

This organization provides a continuing stream of world wide research findings, innovative tools, comparative case studies and an international knowledge based network. – ideal for companies wanting a seamless approach to enhancing the performance of their people on an international basis.

Value Added Associate of: ttiTarget Training International, Ltd.

• Certified Behavioural Analyst (CBA)
• Certified Values Analyst ( CVA)
• Certified in Job Benchmarking and Talent Management – TriMetrix System
• Certified in TTI Performance DNA™

Licensed by HumaNext: to deliver Communication Plan Design