• Would you like to employ talented and motivated people that enjoy coming to work?
  • Would you like to reduce turnover and increase productivity?
  • Do you wish that there was a system that could determine which job applicants carry the right attitude and motivation to succeed in your business?

…then a Job Benchmarking and Talent Selection Process is for you!

The Job Benchmarking and Talent Selection Process, (See Job Benchmarking Flyer PDF), offers a much more reliable and effective method forselecting the right people the first time, be it hiring new employees or developing current employees, so important in addressing retention and succession planning challenges being encountered in the workplace today.   (See Selecting Talent: Luck or Logic PDF)

It is important to know what is really needed for superior performance in a particular job and ensuring personal bias does not get in the way.

Cec Hanec & Associates Inc. provides unbiased, external facilitation – an essential component of an effective job benchmarking process – assisting subject matter experts or key stakeholders in your organization, (who are very familiar with and/or have a vested interest in how that job is performed), in coming to an agreement on the top key accountabilities / competencies and what superior performance would look like. ((See Job Benchmarking & Talent Selection PDF)

With this clear understanding the stakeholders can then better determine:

  • Knowledge a person needs
  • Personal attributes/competencies required to drive success
  • Rewards for superior performance
  • Hard skills vital for the job
  • Behaviours necessary to perform at peak levels
  • Intrinsic motivators

New Hires:

  • Assess the talent of candidates (See Sample)
  • Compare talent of candidates against the job benchmark leading to improved hirings (See Sample)
  • Have a complete coaching package for the new employee and their Manager/Supervisor that opens communication and assists the new employee to ‘hit the road running’ (See Sample)(See Sample)

Current Employees:

  • Assess the talent of current employees that is very important for career and succession planning success (See Sample)
  • Enhanced development and coaching plans that accurately address gaps between individual and the performance factors that are called for in that job. (See Sample)

…Increased employee accountability

 …Increased employee engagement

 …Increased productivity